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MetalLB and Operator BGP Support



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    • OCPPLAN-7476 - MetalLB Support for Load Balancing Bare Metal and On-Premises Infrastructure
    • OCPPLAN-7476MetalLB Support for Load Balancing Bare Metal and On-Premises Infrastructure
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      Epic Goal

      • Provide support for MetalLB running in BGP mode

      Why is this important?

      • Customers desire to expose Services of type=LoadBalancer to their bare metal networks using established network technologies.  SDN-1714 covers doing this using layer2 mechanisms, but BGP is highly desired in many network environments due to better scalability, failover times, and load balancing capabilities, among other reasons.  Integration with customers existing bare metal networks is an important part of our strategy to improve OpenShift in bare metal environments.


      1. Support for both TCP and UDP Service traffic
      2. Multiple Services should be able to share the same external IP address if desired
      3. BFD should be supported to allow fast failure detection (detection in less than 5 seconds)
      4. externalTrafficPolicy settings of both "cluster" and "local" should be supported

      Acceptance Criteria

      • CI - MUST be running successfully with tests automated
      • Release Technical Enablement - Provide necessary release enablement details and documents.
      • ...

      Done Checklist

      • CI - CI is running, tests are automated and merged.
      • Release Enablement <link to Feature Enablement Presentation>
      • DEV - Upstream code and tests merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Upstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Downstream build attached to advisory: <link to errata>
      • QE - Test plans in Polarion: <link or reference to Polarion>
      • QE - Automated tests merged: <link or reference to automated tests>
      • DOC - Downstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR>


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