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Operator fails to upgrade to 7.6.0 GA with the error "FAILED Update RHSSO Deployment (StatefulSet)"


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      When upgrading the operator from Red Hat Single Sign-On 7.5.2 to 7.6.0, the upgrade may fail with the following error:

      {"level":"info","ts":1656635273.7689784,"logger":"action_runner","msg":"(    7)     FAILED Update RHSSO Deployment (StatefulSet) :
      StatefulSet.apps \"keycloak\" is invalid: spec.template.metadata.labels: Invalid value: map[string]string{\"app\":\"keycloak\", \"com.company\":\"Red_Hat\", \"component\":\"keycloak\", \"rht.comp\":\"SSO\", \"rht.comp_ver\":\"7.6.0\", \"rht.prod_name\":\"Red_Hat_Runtimes\", \"rht.prod_ver\":\"2022_Q2\", \"rht.subcomp\":\"SSO_Server\", \"rht.subcomp_t\":\"application\"}: `selector` does not match template `labels`"}

      This error appears to be because the Selector on the Stateful set for RH-SSO 7.5.2 is incorrect.

      Note: This only happens when the Stateful set was created by the RH-SSO 7.5.2. For example, if RH-SSO 7.5.1 was installed first then upgraded to RH-SSO 7.5.2 the Stateful set was created by RH-SSO 7.5.1 and there would typically be no issue.

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