Probably related with change on https://issues.redhat.com/browse/RHPAM-3555 a signal with scope project (maybe other scopes) is reported twice.

      Workaround to capture signal and add a 1s timer fixes it (in reality just any async task will fix it, like remove the timer and set the script task async)


      Duplicated signal is sent here: https://github.com/kiegroup/jbpm/pull/1909/files#diff-e7f349b0a5e4206ca5b7e91bbf69d93092b2d357682fad172f1019d5d8f1d59aR745

      A reproducer is created.

      loop-signal creates a process waiting on two signals, TIMER and LOOP. TIMER do not show any duplicate (due to async task) and LOOP is captured twice

      To send signals another process is created: send-message, which loops on a HT to provide the signal (LOOP or TIMER) and the message to send (if empty process ends

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