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Update EAP XP4 to latest released version (XP4 based on EAP 7.4.10)


    • 2023 Week 12-14 (from Mar 20), 2023 Week 15-17 (from Apr 10)

      We should upgrade EAP XP 4 to the latest released version for RHPAM 7.13.3 release.

      We are using EAP XP 4 on top of EAP 7.4.8 but currently there is EAP XP 4 on top of EAP 7.4.9 already released and most probably a new version of EAP XP 4 will be released before RHPAM 7.13.3.

      We should wait closer to RHPAM cutoff and update to the latest available EAP XP 4.

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