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Avoid any escape chars in SOAP headers


    • 2022 Week 44-46 (from Oct 31), 2022 Week 47-49 (from Nov 21)

      CXF is escaping "<" chars into SOAP headers for the webservice workitem. A hack is needed to override this default behavior with an interceptor for configured elements.

      New workitem param "RawElements" (comma-separated list string) will contain the elements that need to be skipped and added as they are (raw data without any escape char).

      Ex: params.put("rawElements", "ContexteSession,endCity");

      Where rawElements maps to "RawElements" inside WorkItemHandler.

      Therefore, there should be a property "RawElements" with a string comma-separated list containing those xml elements to be skipped and added as they are (raw data).

            gmunozfe@redhat.com Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández
            gmunozfe@redhat.com Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández
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