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Kie repository persistence is disabled in rhpam-trial but is still set to true in KieApp yaml


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    • 7.12.1.GA
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    • RHPAM trial environment with persistRepos option on Kie server set to true

    • 2022 Week 02-04 (from Jan 10), 2022 Week 05-07 (from Jan 31)

      When trying to create a KieApp with rhpam-trial environment and enabling the persistRepos:  option on Kie servers, it is automaticaly set to false by the operator https://github.com/kiegroup/kie-cloud-operator/commit/a311a4d76ed325f8cbf5aebf55e0a30abd982781#diff-29ad51b906bc49dd54db094a3b626e8e4a04628d03562e6c0d45db0e391ac2fbR745 .

      However, in the KieApp yaml the option is still set to true even though PVs are not created. This is a little bit confusing, so it would be nice to automatically set the value to false in the kieapp yaml as well.

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