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Migrate RHPAM 7.7.1 or earlier versions to EAP 7.3



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      We need to define a process to migrate RHPAM/RHDM installs on version 7.7.1 or earlier from EAP 7.2 to EAP 7.3. This is a required step in order to update the product to version 7.8.0 with the Update Tool.


      Please find below the proposed solution to this issue.


      We did a basic check to migrate RHPAM 7.7.1 from EAP 7.2 to EAP 7.3. After the following procedure is done, the RHBA Update Tool could be used over the migrated RHPAM install on EAP 7.3. Have a look into the linked issue RHPAM-3051 for details on the Update Tool changes to adapt to EAP 7.3.

      Install RHPAM with samples on EAP 7.2
      1. Unzip EAP 7.2.
      2. Install RHPAM 7.7.1 on EAP 7.2.
      3. Start EAP on standalone with:

      [jboss-eap-7.2]$ ./bin/standalone.sh -c standalone-full.xml

      4. Log in into Business Central: http://localhost:8080/business-central.
      5. Import projects Mortgage and Mortgage_Process from Design -> My_Space -> Try Samples.
      6. Build and deploy projects Mortgage and Mortgage_Process from the Design area project details.
      7. Go Home -> Deployments to check that both projects are deployed and running in the KIE Server. Check that the REST endpoints are operative.

      Migrate to EAP 7.3
      1. Unzip EAP 7.3 to the same base directory of EAP 7.2
      2. Execute the following to migrate configurations and deployments from EAP 7.2 to EAP 7.3 and provide the answers below

      [jboss-eap-7.3]$ ./bin/jboss-server-migration.sh -s ../jboss-eap-7.2/
      • Confirm with yes to all questions except to the following one, which you should answer no:This tool is not able to assert if the non-persistent deployments found are compatible with the target server, skip scanner's deployments migration?

      3. Copy the .niogit directory from EAP 7.2

      [jboss-eap-7.3]$ cp -r ../jboss-eap-7.2/.niogit ./

      4. Adjust the following memory settings in bin/standalone.conf


      Optional - Migrate unmanaged KIE Server instances configuration to EAP
      Proceed with this section in case there are unmanaged KIE Server instances configured in the migrated EAP server instance that need to be migrated.

      1. Locate the KIE Server state files for the unmanaged instances. They should be in the directory from where the EAP server is launched. These are XML files named after the KIE Server instance identifier, like for example example-kieserver.xml. In case of doubt you could try to find them with a command like the following one.

      [jboss-eap-7.2]$ grep -FR "<kie-server-state>" ./

      2. Copy the servers' state files to the directory where the new EAP 7.3 instance is planned to be launched from.


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