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Download from Scenario Test Tool needs complete information


    • 2020 Week 22-24 (from May 25), 2020 Week 25-27 (from Jun 15), 2020 Week 28-30 (from Jul 6), 2020 Week 31-33 (from Jul 27), 2020 Week 34-36 (from Aug 17), 2020 Week 37-39 (from Sep 7), 2020 Week 40-42 (from Sep 28)


      • Change test report export into CSV to contain further details about the results.


      • No changes in Test scenario execution are done as part of this effort.
      • No additional export formats/methods are provided as part of this effort.
      • No changes to UI are done as part of this effort.

      To provide complete information in exported CSV test report.

      Original state

      • Test report contained just information about executed decisions/rules.

      Expected state

      • Test report should in addition to it also provide execution statistics and test results.


      • Basic unit test coverage delivered as part of the implementing PRs.
      • Adapt existing UI tests to the new CSV export format.

      Original Request:

      The current download of the excel like file, only shows the rules and the rules fired. It should show the pass fail of the test. I guess that is showing the Alerts info, although I would argue that alerts isn't the correct word.

      The test coverage, and other fields.

      Things like:
      Available rules: 23
      Fired rules: 16
      Percentage of rules fired: 69.57%

      It would also be nice for this to show the "tranches" or the groups of rules that were evaluated for debugging purposes. Of course this requirement, should move to the Test Scenario Tool.

      Please let me know if you have other questions.

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