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Process Definitions: Project and Deployment Name coupled


    • 2018 Week 23-24, 2018 Week 25-26

      After the project being successfully deployed to KIE Server, the set value for Project Name and Deployment is the same in Process Definitions perspective.
      The unique value can take either Artifact Id of the project or the name of the container which contains the project's kjar. Which value will be taken depends on the current setup, but in any case the value will be the same for Project Name and Deployment items.

      This kind of information presentation in Process Definitions perspective can lead to confusion and potentially be perceived as lacking clarity at end users end.

      Attached screenshot depicting the problem - ProjectNameDeploymentCoupled.png.

            xiabai@redhat.com Xiaofeng Bai
            xiabai@redhat.com Xiaofeng Bai
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            Bojan Sremac Bojan Sremac (Inactive)
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