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Process Definitions: Sorting by columns containing text is key sensitive


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    • 7.0.2.GA
    • 7.0.0.LA
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    • 2018 Week 23-24, 2018 Week 27-29

      This behavior returns unexpected results when sorting the list by name column, for example.
      The processes whose name starts with capital letters will always precede the ones whose name starts with small letter (when sorted in ascending order), which is expected per ASCII table.

      Note: If we identify this as a bug, I will move this JIRA from community to product.
      Issue type field didn't give me any other option, so I labeled it as a bug for now.

            xiabai@redhat.com Xiaofeng Bai
            xiabai@redhat.com Xiaofeng Bai
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            Bojan Sremac Bojan Sremac (Inactive)
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