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KieScanner does not load new rules


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      There is a problem with adding new rules via KieScanner. If I add new .drl files to rules artifact - new rules are not fired. KieScanner successfully updates artifact, it applies changes to previously loaded rules, but it does not see new rules.
      I've created a simple project reproducing this bug.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • unpack drools7_bug and drools7_bug_rules projects
      • build drools7_bug (mvn clean install)
      • updated repository url in drools7_bug_rules pom, deploy it
      • run Main in drools7_bug. rule1 is fired, prints to stderr once a second.
      • copy rule2.drl from src/main/tmp to src/main/resources. change output string in rule1.
      • deploy artifact
      • now I expect both rules fired, but only rule1 is works, no output from rule2. Make sure new artifact was loaded in scanner jmx bean. Rule1 writes new string to stderr, it was updated.
      • now simply restart Main, both rules are fired.

      There are no error or warning, new rules simply don't work. Am I doing something wrong?

      Same scenario worked perfect until version 7.5.0. You can update version in pom and same scenario passes successfully. 7.6.0 and 7.7.0 don't though

      I added api module with pojos just to reproduce our usecase as close as possible.

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