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idpf: "ethtool -G ... tcp-data-split off" is silently ignored

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      rh-ee-xudu reported a problem with setting tcp-data-split in RHEL-32112. I investigated and found the following:

          Disabling tcp-data-split on idpf silently fails:
            # ethtool -G $NETDEV tcp-data-split off
            # ethtool -g $NETDEV | grep 'TCP data split'
            TCP data split:        on
          But it works if you also change 'tx' or 'rx':
            # ethtool -G $NETDEV tcp-data-split off tx 256
            # ethtool -g $NETDEV | grep 'TCP data split'
            TCP data split:        off
          The bug is in idpf_set_ringparam, where it takes a shortcut out if the
          TX and RX sizes are not changing.

      Please provide the package NVR for which bug is seen:

      The CKI build from RHEL-29553.

            mschmidt@redhat.com Michal Schmidt
            mschmidt@redhat.com Michal Schmidt
            Michal Schmidt Michal Schmidt
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