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[RFE] Offline Leapp upgrade with ISO fails with "Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'rhul-microsoft-azure-rhel8", ignoring this repo."

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      Description of problem:

      Offline `Leapp` upgrade with ISO fails with "Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'rhul-microsoft-azure-rhel8", ignoring this repo."
      [ERROR] Actor: target userspace creator
      Message: Unable to install RHEL 8 userspace packages.
      Details: Command 'systemd-nspawn'. -register-no', quiet. -D. /var/lib/leapp/scratch/mounts/root /system overlay, setenv-LEAPP UPGRADE_PATH_TARGET RELEASE-8.6-seten APP NO RHSM-1, setenv-LEAPP EXPERIMENTAL-O'setenv-LEAPP UPGRADE PATH FLAVOUR-default', -setenv-LEAPP_COMMON TOOLS:/etc/leapp/repos.d/system upgrade/common/tools:/etc/leapp/re 1/system upgrade/el7tcel8/tools.setenv-LEAPP NO RHSH FATS-1. -setenv-LEAPP COMMON FILES:/etc/leapp/repos.d/system upgrade/common/files:/etc/leapp/repos.d/system upgrade/el7toel Les setenv-LEAPP IPU IN PROGRESS-7toB'.-seteny LEAPP UNSUPPORTED-0", "setenv-LEAPP TARGET ISO/root/rhel-8.6-x86_64-dvd.iso', setenv-LEAPP EXECUTION ID-XXXX.setenv-LEAPP_HOSTNAME-XXXX. dnf', 'install'. -y', '-setopt-module_platform_id-platform:e18', -setopt-keepcache-1', releasever', u'8.6', -installroot', target', disablerepo", --enablerepo', u'AppStream', enablerepo', u'rhul-microsoft-azure-rhel8', enablerepo', u'Base05', 'def', u'rhul-azure-rhela', 'dof-command(config-man disableplugin, subscription-manager'1 failed with exit code 1.
      Stderr: Host and machine ids are equal (XXXXXXXXX): refusing to link journals
      Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'rhul-microsoft-azure-rhel8", ignoring this repo.
      Error: Unable to find a match:

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      How reproducible:
      On cloud based offline Azure VM with Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI) installed

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. # yum -y install leapp-rhui-azure
      2. # leapp preupgrade --iso <path-to-rhel8-iso>

      Actual results:
      Fails with error

      Expected results:
      Should provide inhibitor with remediation steps

      Additional info:

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            leapp-notifications leapp-notifications
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