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RFE: update ed to >= 1.15 to fix several regressions in 1.14

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      What were you trying to do that didn't work?

      Splitting a line with a 's' command that is part of a 'g' or 'v' command-list



      should replace all instances of foo with bar\nquux


      See upstream changelog for 1.15 (in 2019):



      {{* The list command has been fixed to print a backslash before every }}{{'$' character within the text. (Reported by Ori Avtalion). }}


      {{ * Address ',,' has been fixed to mean '$,$' instead of '1,$'. }}{{(Reported by Matthieu Felix). }}


      {{ * A 's' command that is part of a 'g' or 'v' command-list can again }}{{split a line by including a newline escaped with a backslash '\' in the }}{{replacement string. For this to work, the closing delimiter of the }}{{replacement string can't be omitted unless the 's' command is the last }}{{command in the list, because otherwise the meaning of the escaped }}{{newline would become ambiguous. }}


      {{ * Following a recent change in the POSIX standard, the 'c' command no }}{{longer accepts an address of 0, and the documentation for the 'i' }}{{command now explains that it treats address 0 as meaning "at the }}{{beginning of the buffer", instead of as a synonym for address 1. }}

      • Minor fixes have been made to the manual.

      {{ * The configure script now accepts appending options to CFLAGS using }}{{the syntax 'CFLAGS+=OPTIONS'. }}


      c10s will have ed 1.20 so is unaffected.

      Please provide the package NVR for which bug is seen:


      How reproducible:


      Steps to reproduce

      See example

      Expected results

      all instances of foo replaced with bar\nquux

      Actual results

      Does not work

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