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Image Builder target "Bare metal - Installer (.iso)" allows partitioning but it is ignored

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      What were you trying to do that didn't work?

      If you enter the "Bare metal - Installer (.iso)"  in the https://console.redhat.com/insights/image-builder/imagewizard you have a possibility to do "Manually configure partitions", however, this configuration is not used by Anaconda for the installation nor it is part of the generated kickstart file. I guess this option shouldn't be available for this build target.

      Please provide the package NVR for which bug is seen:


      How reproducible:


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to https://console.redhat.com/insights/image-builder/imagewizard 
      2. Select "Bare metal - Installer (.iso)"
      3. Skip register system page (Register Later)
      4. Switch option to "Manually configure partitions" on the "File system configuration" page
      5. Create any storage layout
      6. Create ISO
      7. Use the ISO and start the installation
      8. If you take a look on /run/install/repo/osbuild.ks it don't have any information about the layout

      Expected results

      This option should be disabled or correct kickstart commands needs to be generated.

      Actual results

      The configuration during the image creation is ignored.

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