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DMN "Elbow lines" for association doesn't work


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    • DMN connections shape can be adjusted by adding control point on it. However this feature doesn't work for connections with Text Annotation nodes.
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      1. navigate to https://sandbox.kie.org/#/
      2. in the Import panel, Upload a file association.dmn
      Kogito navigate to https://sandbox.kie.org/#/ in the Import panel, Upload a file association.dmn

      In the attached diagram association.dmn is simple graph with connected a decision node and text annotation node.

      The issue is, if we check the source:

            <dmndi:DMNEdge id="dmnedge-drg-_7217F0BF-59A2-4FEB-80D5-7E667BBC922F-AUTO-TARGET" dmnElementRef="_7217F0BF-59A2-4FEB-80D5-7E667BBC922F">
              <di:waypoint x="234" y="124"/>
              <di:waypoint x="324" y="123"/>
              <di:waypoint x="325" y="187"/>

      There are three waypoints, it means that the line between nodes is not a straight but has an "elbow". But if you open the diagram, the elbow is missing.



      Additional note

      Please notice, this jira is delivered just as part of kogito stream. Fix was not included into business central. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d5lcqjywli5sVQ27TqdbiwC09529bL7XL5vUmOSZURk/edit

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