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Set image resources in templates to same values as in Operator


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    • 2021 Week 04-06 (from Jan 25), 2021 Week 07-09 (from Feb 15)

      During verification of RHPAM-3245 I noticed that some values for image resources are set differently in templates and in operator.

      We should set resources to the same values in both places and in same format
      e.g.: in templates is set Kie Server memory request as `1.5 Gi` but in Operator is set as `1500Mi`.
      I would suggest to use integers for configuration (1500Mi) rather than some floating values (1.5Gi)

      Goal: Applied same resources constants for templates as for operator defined here https://github.com/tchughesiv/kie-cloud-operator/blob/master/pkg/controller/kieapp/constants/constants.go#L170-L186

      Open to discussion, shouldn't we use 1536Mi instead of 1500Mi (as 1.5Gi == 1536Mi)? Not sure if this can make any huge difference... filippe.spolti wdyt?

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