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Documentation deficient for Red_Hat_JBoss_Developer_Studio-8.1-Start_Developing-en-US.pdf tutorial expects that jboss-devstudio-8.1.0.GA-installer-eap.jar will install mavern and create directories conforming to the document,



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      Install the

      Install the


      Title: Configure Maven to use the JBoss EAP Maven Repository

      Describe the issue:
      I am following the Red_Hat_JBoss_Developer_Studio-8.1-Start_Developing-en-US.pdf tutorial.
      I have followed the previous Red_Hat_JBoss_Developer_Studio-8.1-Install_Red_Hat_JBoss_Developer_Studio-en-US.pdf instructions to install the studio using the jboss-devstudio-8.1.0.GA-installer-eap.jar installer - which is supposed to install mavern too.
      I have reached
      2.2. Configure Maven to use the JBoss EAP Maven Repository

      The issue I am having in Windows 8.1 and in Fedora 21, is where is Mavern?. I can't find the directories that are supposed to be there. I can't find Mavern.
      In windows I have searched for .m2 directories and in Fedora I have gone back and forth as both the administrator and root looking for this hidden directory.
      A search for setting.xml provides no results
      The tutorial says :
      "5. Navigate to path/to /jboss-eap-6 . x. y-maven-repository and click OK. JBoss Maven Tools recursively scans the path searching for the Maven repository."

      I don't actually know if mavern is installed or not, nor what to do to fix the situation.

      Suggestions for improvement:
      1) Provide information on how to check for Mavern and where it is located
      2) An actual example of the repository directory might be useful. I am assuming using the conventions etc the path should be something like
      BUT it doesn't exist, it wasn't created on the install. The closest I can find is
      C:\Users\smith\jbdevstudio\runtimes\jboss-eap which doesn't have anything that looks like a repository

      3)The tutorial needs to provide a link where we can resolve the issue, or alternatively explain what has happened.

      Additional information:




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