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Update GitOps doc for OSD and ROSA


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      Now that GitOps is supported for OSD and ROSA, the OSD and ROSA docs will need to be updated to point to the GitOps doc.

      However, before this can happen, the GitOps doc needs to be updated to be more inclusive of OSD and ROSA (it currently is written for OCP specifically).

      The requested doc updates are described here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E0obBXPoQcfxLM0YhW0tRKf4vdzo5hH3Z4VuoSuCZlA/edit#heading=h.em5kzltt698o 

      Once these doc updates are completed, we can add the GitOps doc to the OSD and ROSA CI/CD book, just like it currently exists in the OCP CI/CD book. This update will be handled in a separate Jira ticket.

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