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Docs: Reserved Name Prefix for SharedSecret/SharedConfigMaps


    • devex docs #231 Jan 26-Feb 16, devex docs #232 Feb 16-Mar 9
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      User Story

      As a user of an OpenShift Cluster i should be restricted from creating random Shared Secrets and ConfigMaps with the "openshift-" prefix

      Acceptance Criteria

      • no users be able to create Shared Secrets and Shared ConfigMaps with prefix that is "openshift-" unless the name the use, as well as their reference's namespace and name, are part of the pre-approved list curated in the shared resource operator
      • Integration testing to verify behavior

      QE Impact

      • Behavior will need to be verified

      Docs Impact

      • Docs will need to reflect this new behavior

      PX Impact

      • None


      • Creating namespaces with the "openshift-" prefix is already restricted. That code could be used as a precedent for this.

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