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Doc: Improve awareness of resource/project limits and quota issues for developers



    • devex docs #224 Sep 1-Sep 22
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      Doc work seems to consist of no more than a couple of sentences (if that) to highlight that now developers can easily be alerted to exceeding quotas and to where in the UI developers could always view quota status (Topology view). From my understanding, the user would see an alert with a link that would navigate to the Topology side panel view for quick reference. 


      1. I do not think there is any documentation for this epic. At most, there would be a few sentences just letting developers know they could go to the side panel from the Topology view to see the labels regarding status quotas.  Since alerts will be in the UI with links to more details, I am  not sure what else would be highlighted. Those sentences could go in this topic: Resource quotes per project
      2. Refer to this slack conversation for more questions sent to development I don't think you would add a fourth point to the "Configuring explicit resource quotes" because the section is all about setting quotes not about being notified about consoles.
      3. We should not document error messages that result from exceeding quotas. . 
      4. Please follow up with development and/or continue with slack conversation above to identify any other details that should be highlighted. 
      5. I have added an @ mention in the slack thread above to PM to see if we can remove the doc needed for this one. As mentioned earlier, if doc is needed I don't think it would go beyond a few sentences. 





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