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[TP] Allow admin users to create new alerting rules based on platform metrics



    • devex docs #222 Jul 21-Aug 11, devex docs #223 Aug 11-Sep 1
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      • Allow admin user to create new alerting rules, targeting metrics in any namespace
      • Allow cloning of existing rules to simplify rule creation
      • Allow creation of silences for existing alert rules

      Why is this important?

      • Currently, any platform-related metrics (exposed in a openshift-, kube- and default namespace) cannot be used to form a new alerting rule. That makes it very difficult for administrators to enrich our out of the box experience for the OpenShift Container Platform with new rules that may be specific to their environments.
      • Additionally, we had requests from customer to allow modifications of our existing, out of the box alerting rules (for instance tweaking the alert expression or changing the severity label). Unfortunately, that is not easy since most rules come from several open source projects, or other OpenShift components, and any modifications would make a seamless upgrade not really seamless anymore. Imagine K8s changes metrics again (see 1.14) and we have to update our rules. We would not know what modifications have been done (even just the threshold might be difficult if upstream changes that as well) and we would not be able to upgrade these rules.


      • I'd like to modify the query expression of an existing rule (because the threshold value doesn't match with my environment).

      Cloning the existing rule should end up with a new rule in the same namespace.
      Modifications can now be done to the new rule.
      (Optional) You can silence the existing rule.

      • I'd like to create a new rule based on a metric only available to an openshift-* namespace

      Create a new PrometheusRule object inside the namespace that includes the metrics you need to form the alerting rule.

      • I'd like to update the label of an existing rule.


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