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Docker: Document advanced docker tooling



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    • CRS 12.11
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      Once significant delta between the "basic" and advanced scenarios is that here I wish to custom craft my own docker images instead of using an existing one - where my custom crafted image includes my .war or .ear.

      In addition to the basic integrations of pull, run, stop, commit and push
      boot2docker init
      boot2docker up
      boot2docker down
      boot2docker ip
      docker run -d
      docker ps
      docker rm
      docker rmi
      docker build

      End-user steps:
      0) assumes boot2docker has been dowloaded and installed
      1) boot2docker init : required to to insure boot2docker-vm is properly initialized
      2) boot2docker up : starts the VirtualBox boot2docker-vm
      3) boot2docker ip : returns the IP address - this will be vital when it comes to testing - it would need to be integrated with our Run - As on Docker capability.
      4) docker run -i -t -p 80:8080 jboss/wildfly -d : the -d means detached, I may need to run N containers simultaneously
      5) docker ps : allows me to see all my currently running containers
      6) docker rm : allows me to kill a currently running container
      7) docker rmi : allows me to remove a local image
      8) docker build : assumes that I have crafted a Dockerfile - this will create the local image - with my .war or .ear embedded
      9) docker run : this new created image

      The docker build scenario can be triggered via a Maven plugin
      The docker build scenario can also be triggered via an Eclipse menu option (like a Maven install)

      We need to figure out the file-system layout so that the Dockerfile and the maven project are all nicely checked into git/svn. So that Jenkins can pick up this repository and perform an automated "docker build" (post Maven install) and then run all the appropriate unit, integration and functional tests.


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