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Update sources-api to use Kafka authentication



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    • CRCPLAN-132 - HCC | Managed Instance of Kafka
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      In preparation for the move to RHOSAK/Managed Kafka, all services that use Kafka need to be able to authenticate to the brokers with a user id and token provided either through an OpenShift secret or from Clowder.

      Copying the info from the email:

      TL;DR (Summary)
      On Sep 1, 2022, the Hybrid Cloud Console (HCC) will migrate from the current platform instance of Kafka to the Managed Kafka cluster.  Applications that cannot currently authenticate with Kafka must deploy changes to their applications to support authentication no later than Aug 31, 2022.

      If your app falls into this category, please see below for additional instructions. You have an option to make the changes yourself or defer to the HCC team to make the changes on your behalf. 
      Bookmark The Source blog post with these details for future reference.  

      At the end of August 2022, Platform services that currently use the platform-mq-* Kafka resources will need to be shifted to new Kafka clusters in the Managed Kafka/Red Hat OpenShift and Kafka (RHOSAK) space.

      A number of applications on HCC cannot currently take advantage of authentication credentials provided for Kafka access. This will be required of all apps before we can fully use RHOSAK.

      What this means for you
      Applications that cannot currently authenticate with Kafka must make changes to their Kafka connection configuration no later than August 31, 2022. You have the option to either complete the work yourself or opt to have an HCC engineer perform the updates and submit the merge request to your app on your behalf.

      You must take action: to make your selection and commit to the changes and deadline, review the Application Updates for RHOSAK/Kafka Auth epic to find your application’s tasks and do one of the following:

      • If you plan to make the change yourself and deploy the changes by August 31st:
      • Edit the task and assign it to whichever team member will do the work.
      • Clone the task to your backlog.
      • Update the status of the task once complete to indicate the changes are in production.
      • @Joshua Barnard will be following up to coordinate with the app teams.
      • If you plan to defer to an HCC engineer to make the changes on your behalf:
      • Add a comment to the task indicating you would like HCC to make the changes for you.
      • Tag @Dipti Shah and @Ryan Abbott in the comment.

      Additional Information and Resources:




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