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IndexOutOfBoundsException when using query with 2 entry points

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      Sometimes, when using query with 2 entry points along with fireUntilHalt, the method getQueryResults fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException. See stacktrace here [1]. This was observed first in Jenkins environment running existing test QueryCepFireUntilHaltTest.withResultTest from drools repository. I managed to reproduce it locally looping the test with this code [2].

      [1] http://pastebin.com/BBPsGty9
      [2] http://pastebin.com/47y1dh1W

            mfusco@redhat.com Mario Fusco
            tzimanyi@redhat.com Tibor Zimányi
            rhn-support-ceverson Clark Everson
            Tibor Zimányi Tibor Zimányi
            Tibor Zimányi Tibor Zimányi