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[RFE] MetalLB Support for RFC 8092 BGP Large Communites


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      1. Proposed title of this feature request

      [RFE] MetalLB Support for RFC 8092 BGP Large Communites

      2. What is the nature and description of the request?

      4 byte ASN support was added to MetalLB


      4-byte ASN does not natively interoperate with BGP Communities as specified by RFC1997.

      RFC 8092 should work with 4 byte ASNs, but it seems like MetalLB does not support this at the moment.

      It looks like FRR supports Large Communities already


      3. Why does the customer need this? (List the business requirements here)

      • At this time no active request

      4. List any affected packages or components.

      MetalLB and MetalLB operator

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