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Tekton EventListeners to be able to push event data to ELK stack


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      Feature requested

      Able to use the inputs to my Tekton pipelines for analysis purposes.

      • Learn the frequency of usage for each of my tekton pipelines
      • Learn which inputs/options are most widely used
      • Get statistics about the TaskRun and PipelineRun durations
        ekton pod logs are sent to Elastic Stack. These logs do not include
      • TaskRun parameters, TaskRun status fields such as startTime and CompletionTime
      • PipelineRun parameters, PipelineRun status fields such as startTime and CompletionTime
        I want these TaskRun + PipelineRun parameters to be logged and pushed into Elastic Stack so that I can make analysis over
        the parameters passed to Pipeline's and their execution.
        These are not as far as I know turned into namespace events so EventRouter cannot be used to log them into Elastic Stack.
        But I can think of two options
        a) EventListeners to push JSON payload they receive to Elastic Stack
        b) Some TektonRouter reading data from TektonRun and PipelineRun resources and push them to Elastic stack
        There seems currently no analiytics capability that is designed to analyze tekton inputs and status fields.

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