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Swap order of configure-ovs and nodeip-configuration


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      We have been running into a number of problems with configure-ovs and nodeip-configuration selecting different interfaces in OVNK deployments. This causes connectivity issues, so we need some way to ensure that everything uses the same interface/IP.

      Currently configure-ovs runs before nodeip-configuration, but since nodeip-configuration is the source of truth for IP selection regardless of CNI plugin, I think we need to look at swapping that order. That way configure-ovs could look at what nodeip-configuration chose and not have to implement its own interface selection logic.

      I'm targeting this at 4.12 because even though there's probably still time to get it in for 4.11, changing the order of boot services is always a little risky and I'd prefer to do it earlier in the cycle so we have time to tease out any issues that arise. We may need to consider backporting the change though since this has been an issue at least back to 4.10.

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