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Support customer "managed" DNS for ROSA (Bluecat / Infoblox)


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      1.  Support customer DNS for ROSA (Bluecat / Infoblox)
      2. Seeing many customers who run Infoblox or Bluecat DNS appliances across their public and private cloud and customers prefer to have these tools manage the VPC DHCP options. This causes a conflict with ROSA in that it assumes the DHCP options are the local VPC resolver.  Customers have started installing ROSA, setting up a conditional forwarder and then re-applying their DHCP Options for their infoblox/bluecat to be authoritative resolver post install.  This allows them to get up and running but puts them into an unsupported state with SRE. Customers also want to run more than 1 cluster which requires multiple vpcs and multiple private route 53 zones - These products have services that can help the customer manage this, but my fear is that enabling customers with this, will further put them in unsupported SRE territory and that is increasingly problematic since many of our sales motions are customers with just these tools in the middle. 
      3. Infoblox and Bluecat - should be documented and supported since it's an extremely common pattern.  I would like to see some increased collaboration with these tools around our offering here so that customers who use these tools can use them to not only manage a single cluster, but also manage multiple private clusters. I'd like to not just support customers managing their DHCP Options per internal policy, but also embrace the zone management to see if these tools can help resolve customer pain with more than 1 cluster and provide automation/tooling to help assure that these configurations are copacetic.
      4. ROSA, OSD - a fully documented solution for ARO would be nice too.

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