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Developer Topology view is slow and unresponsive with large number of workloads




      Description of problem:

      A User experiences slow and unresponsive developer perspective when the Topology view tries to build a graph for a larger project.
      Since the Topology view is the default when first logging in to the developer perspective, this makes for a poor customer experience.

      The size of the project is well within the bounds of the cluster's documented max limitats, at the following:
      500 pods, 250 replica sets, 99 deployments, 230 jobs

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
      OCP 4.8.10

      How reproducible:

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Log into Console
      2. Select this large project
      3. Select Developer perspective (if logging in as cluster-admin)

      Actual results:
      Browser tab is slow to respond or can become unresponsive (based on the user machine) while the graph is being rendered and/or displayed.

      Expected results:
      Several possibilities might "fix" this UX issue:
      1. Building/rendering the graph may be an intensive task, but isolate from the console experience so a user can still navigate the UI.
      2. If it has this known limitation that doesn't have a solution, do not load the Topology by default - or - Expose the option to cluster administrators to choose whether to load this view by default.

      Additional info:

      Created this Feature Request based on the Bugzilla

      I used Google Chrome developer tools to profile the console.
      Memory usage for the tab containing this load went as high as 1.5GB and CPU went to >150 while on the Topology view.

      In my own experience, the page renders an already-built graph in about 30 seconds, after which I can navigate to another view within the perspective.


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