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jackson-jaxrs-json-provider module.xml -- missing dependency?


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      I'm trying to use the Jackson 2 provider (either vanilla or the RESTeasy subclass would be fine), with JBoss 7.1.1 and JBoss Tools 4.1, per sections 21.4 and 21.6 of the docs (thanks for those).

      So I added the jboss-deployment-structure from 21.4 and (after witnessing the "possible conflict with JAXB Provider" in action) eradicated all JAXB annotations.

      Good news: the Jackson 2 provider was now getting used. Bad news: it failed with a NoClassDefFoundError for one of the javax.xml.bind.annotation.* types.

      (I think this occurs when the Jackson 2 provider tries to scan for the JAXB annotations that it supports).

      Life got better after I edited modules/com/fasterxml/jackson/jaxrs/jackson-jaxrs-json-provider/main/module.xml and added a dependency on "javax.xml.bind.api".

      [By the way, the "Affects Versions" pick-list has 3.0.4.Final cunningly concealed under "Unreleased versions"]

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