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Root resource not found


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    • 3.0.4.Final
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      I've got two root resources like this:


      public class EndpointA {

      public String f() { return getClass().getName(); }


      public class EndpointB {

      public String f()

      { return getClass().getName(); }


      When going to the URL /endpoints/FOO/B I get an exception
      at org.jboss.resteasy.core.registry.SegmentNode.match(SegmentNode.java:111) [resteasy-jaxrs-3.0.2.Final.jar:]

      This is based on code that works as expected in JAX-RS 1 jersey and I think it should work according to the matching algorithm.

      If I don't use a parameter (endpoint/ and endpoint/B) in the path, then it works as expected.

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