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Improve TS for WF 22.0.1.Final


      Improve TS for WF 22.0.1.Final

      • Parametrize resteasy-client-microprofile version in TS for servers without MP bits
      • Skip ResteasyConfigServletContextListenerTest, ResteasyConfigFilterTest, RestClientProviderPriorityTest and ResteasyConfigServletTest tests on runs without MP bits. These tests requires MP on server side.
      • Add `(testable = false)` to deployment methods to AsynchronousCdiTest, InjectionTest, MDBInjectionTest and TimerInterceptorTest tests, so Arquillian doesn't add arquillian classes to deployment. Arquillian added info about testcase, but testcase is not present in deployment, so new version of weld failed (but old weld was tolerating it).
      • Fix ClientWebApplicationExceptionTest, ClientWebApplicationExceptionResteasyProxyTest and ClientWebApplicationExceptionMicroProfileProxyTest for servers without MP Config.
      • Use WF22 server for testing by default

            mkopecky@redhat.com Marek Kopecky
            mkopecky@redhat.com Marek Kopecky
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