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Make JsonBindingProvider more restrictive (@Consumes/@Provides media types)


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      The JsonBindingProvider has the following annotations:

      @Produces({"application/json", "application/*+json", "text/json", "*/*"})
      @Consumes({"application/json", "application/*+json", "text/json", "*/*"})

      And then we have this code checking it has something to do with JSON in the end:

      public static boolean isSupportedMediaType(final MediaType mediaType) {
            return mediaType.getSubtype().equals(JSON) || mediaType.getSubtype().endsWith(PLUS_JSON);

      I think we should be consistent with the ResteasyJackson2Provider in which we restricted the matches (compared to the provider provided by Jackson):

      @Consumes({"application/json", "application/*+json", "text/json"})
      @Produces({"application/json", "application/*+json", "text/json"})

      By the way, it's not just about being consistent, if the provider is registered for /, I can't eliminate it from the global candidates even if I'm just working with XML if I end up having this provider in the classpath.

      And if we need to support more, we can still push more things there (and probably keep the list consistent between JSON-B and Jackson).

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