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Provide builtin ParamConverter* classes for multi valued params


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      This is follow up for RESTEASY-1746 and RESTEASY-1566. In these feature jiras, users needs to prepare custom ParamConverter* classes in deployment.

      This feature should provide builtin ParamConverter* universal classes.

      Some PoC is in this commit

      Suitable annotations for end-point can parametrize converter behaviour. rsigal@redhat.com's proposal:

      Maybe annotations in
      >     public <T> ParamConverter<T> getConverter(Class<T> rawType, Type genericType, Annotation[] annotations;
      could be used to generalize. E.g.,
          public Response conversion1(@QueryParam @Separator("&") List<MultiValueParamBuiltinMyObject1> q);
      Even more general could be something like
          public Response conversion1(@QueryParam @MultiSyntax(<regular expression/>) List<MultiValueParamBuiltinMyObject1> q) {

            rsigal@redhat.com Ronald Sigal
            mkopecky@redhat.com Marek Kopecky
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