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      Section 11.2.7 of the JAX-RS 2.1 spec states,
      "Note that if JSON-B and JSON-P are both supported in the same
      environment, entity providers for JSON-B take precedence over
      those for JSON-P for all types except JsonValue and its sub-types."

      The sub-types of JsonValue are JsonArray, JsonNumber, JsonObject,
      JsonString, JsonStructure. Resteasy's JSON-P providers currently
      supports this.

      Currently I don't see that we manage the builtin providers by priority and
      and with the requirement above we may need to. We need to made sure the
      JSON-P providers are checked before the JSON-B provider. In addition
      currently a JSON-B object must be annotated with NoJackson so that our
      Jackson implementation does not process the object first.

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