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Core UI Functionality: Tag History, Labels, & Expiration


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    • Tag History, Labels, & Expiration
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      To achieve core functionality in the UI and migrate more screens to console.redhat to win new customers, encourage existing customers to upgrade to a paid plan, increase retention of current paid users, and foster future Quay business through creating partnerships across the Red Hat ecosystem.

      Why is this important?

      Supporting core UI functionality and performance at scale is crucial for providing a seamless user experience while providing large paying  customers with large content the functionality required to do business at scale.  Achieving UI parity with Quay.io ensures that users can utilize all functionalities without limitations. Addressing critical UI bugs enhances stability and usability, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and enhance their effectiveness on the Quay UI. 

      Acceptance Criteria:

      Tag History, Labels, & Expiration

      Scenario 1: View Tag History

      As a developer, I can view the history of tags for a specific image or repository. This will provide me with a detailed overview of all the tags associated with the image, including their creation dates and any changes made over time.

      Scenario 2: Add and Manage Labels

      As an administrator, I can add and manage labels for repositories. I should be able to categorize repositories using custom labels for easy identification and organization. Additionally, I can edit or remove labels as needed.

      Scenario 3: Set Expiration for Tags

      As a DevOps engineer, I can set expiration dates for certain tags in a repository. This feature will enable me to automate the cleanup of older or unused tags, keeping the repository clean and reducing storage space usage.

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