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Super User UI Functionality


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      Customer Use Case: Super users have super privileges to look across all orgs and repos, for example, to verify that certain types of data are not being stored in any repos, or when an admin needs to make changes in the absence of key employees. 

      Goal:To build out a super user dashboard after building out UI parity to solve the admin's need to make explicit takeovers to see all their content in their domain. These Superuser dashboard components will also support the UI/UX experience of the super user as a whole.

      Why is this important

      We are creating new changes in the UI but we must retain the foundation of the current functionality to build off of what currently works and add to it to support current customer use cases and requests.  

      Prioritized deliverables: (Indicated by P1-P3)

       Superuser panel -> System Settings - P2

      • Manage Users -> this moved to the org list view
      • Usage Logs - P2
      • Builds Logs - P3
          • Registry-level dashboards (potentially Grafana) - P3
            • Number of users
            • Gigabytes of content
        • User Account page - P2
        • Settings - P2
        • Robots - P2
        • Repositories -> Link to repo list view pre-filtered for owned repos

      Notification Panel - P3

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