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Quay can see the push image on Console after push image get error "Quota has been exceeded on namespace"



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Done-Errata
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    • quay-v3.10.0
    • quay-v3.7.1, quay-v3.9.0
    • -area/quota, quay
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      This is an issue related to Quay Quota Management, now when config the Quota of user account to 100MB, then push image(384MB) to new image repo under this user account, the push image was failed with error "Quota has been exceeded on namespace", but the behavior is the image was pushed to Quay successfully, can see the image on Quay Console, can also pull this image successfully from Quay.

      Note:  This issue is also existed in Quay 3.7.0

      Quay Image: quay-operator-bundle-container-v3.7.1-9

      [root@ip-10-0-1-179 centos]# podman image ls
      REPOSITORY                   TAG      IMAGE ID       CREATED      SIZE
      docker.io/library/postgres   latest   5b21e2e86aab   4 days ago   384 MB
      [root@ip-10-0-1-179 centos]# podman tag docker.io/library/postgres quay370.apps.quayperf370.perfscale.devcluster.openshift.com/test/demo
      [root@ip-10-0-1-179 centos]# podman push quay370.apps.quayperf370.perfscale.devcluster.openshift.com/test/demo --tls-verify=false --creds test:password
      Getting image source signatures
      Copying blob 287d777006b9 done
      Copying blob 69feeba6d5b0 done
      Copying blob 1b67a9cd5215 done
      Copying blob ad6562704f37 done
      Copying blob 8fa5e671e665 done
      Copying blob 81c2fe13a1f0 done
      Copying blob 1ff3ceb3f414 done
      Copying blob 32e442eaf909 done
      Copying blob 5cad0059a27d done
      Copying blob 88e235c6b975 done
      Copying blob edf7a92c1e15 done
      Copying blob 8e43b491d5d4 done
      Copying blob 8b44e3129736 done
      Copying config 5b21e2e86a done
      Writing manifest to image destination
      Error: Error copying image to the remote destination: Error writing manifest: Error uploading manifest latest to quay370.apps.quayperf370.perfscale.devcluster.openshift.com/test/demo: denied: Quota has been exceeded on namespace 
      [root@ip-10-0-1-179 centos]# podman pull quay370.apps.quayperf370.perfscale.devcluster.openshift.com/test/demo@sha256:764179be4d1933ae09c600b07fb4f3537e6253db91af7495bcc7e2f388b74a43 --tls-verify=false
      Trying to pull quay370.apps.quayperf370.perfscale.devcluster.openshift.com/test/demo@sha256:764179be4d1933ae09c600b07fb4f3537e6253db91af7495bcc7e2f388b74a43...
      Getting image source signatures
      Copying blob f93b7d3396c2 done
      Copying blob 6715a45abab9 done
      Copying blob 0c2fbc0e8f61 done
      Copying blob 3264bf5cab32 done
      Copying blob d46b9cbbd6bb done
      Copying blob f979a7c51fc8 done
      Copying blob 05fb8fb74e6b done
      Copying blob 022ce4385fc8 done
      Copying blob 6decf59621f7 done
      Copying blob ba3fba6b5d9d done
      Copying blob 4e7d90144d3b done
      Copying blob 3c72a7c8d968 done
      Copying blob 4ab8e7d3b6cc done
      Copying config 5b21e2e86a done
      Writing manifest to image destination
      Storing signatures
      Image was pushed Quay when hit error "Quota has been exceeded on namespace"






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