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Quay 3.6.0 Operator should block the deployment when route is managed, tls is unmanaged without providing TLS Cert/Key pair



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      This is an issue found when using Quay 3.6.0 Operator to deploy Quay, now when choose to use managed route, unmanaged tls, but not providing tls cert/key pair, the Quay Operator still allow to move on the deployment, the results is Quay APP POD was failed start, from customer perspective if this is invalid configuration, then Quay Operator should block the deployment immediately with error message like "the route component is managed and tls component is unmanaged, but the required tls cert is missing" reported in Operator POD Logs, then customer will realize that the required TLS Cert was not provided and fix the configuration issue without need to wait until Quay APP POD was failed to start, this will improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

      oc get pod
      NAME                                              READY   STATUS                  RESTARTS   AGE
      quay-operator.v3.6.0-54c4d75b65-s697s             1/1     Running                 0          99m
      quay360stage-clair-app-5cdf7b7564-w9xjq           1/1     Running                 0          25m
      quay360stage-clair-app-5cdf7b7564-wsn8w           1/1     Running                 0          25m
      quay360stage-clair-postgres-9777c5c9-wbv79        1/1     Running                 1          26m
      quay360stage-quay-app-5c9dc7bb89-5zpvq            0/1     Running                 3          10m
      quay360stage-quay-app-5c9dc7bb89-nrnlk            0/1     Running                 4          10m
      quay360stage-quay-app-777f7cc9bb-pd7dc            0/1     Running                 4          10m
      quay360stage-quay-app-upgrade-5fflq               0/1     Completed               0          26m
      quay360stage-quay-config-editor-59b5d8f7d-fhkbf   1/1     Running                 0          25m
      quay360stage-quay-database-745cf5bdc7-l9s65       1/1     Running                 0          26m
      quay360stage-quay-mirror-54c4b5d69f-lcwxv         0/1     Init:CrashLoopBackOff   6          25m
      quay360stage-quay-mirror-54c4b5d69f-pqltk         0/1     Init:CrashLoopBackOff   6          25m
      quay360stage-quay-postgres-init-x66fr             0/1     Completed               0          25m
      quay360stage-quay-redis-6bb54ff96-db72m           1/1     Running                 0          26m


      Docs: https://gabriel-rh.github.io/quay-docs/downstream/deploy_quay_on_openshift_op_tng/html-single/#operator-custom-ssl-certs-config-bundle 


      Quay APP POD was failed to start:


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