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Quay config app changes are not rolled out if QuayRegistry status in MigrationInprogress


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      Quay/Quay -operator 3.4.3


      Install Quay/Quay-operator provide storage details in the config bundle secret , This storage uses a self signed certificate, so Quay-app upgrade will fail to start.

      Now launch Quay config editor try adding the CA certs and click validate, after successful validation click "reconfigure quay". 


      The reconfiguration never happens, although there is a new secret created , Quay config app upgrade will continue to fail, Also deleting quay-app-upgrade, quay-operator pods doesnt help either, the new operator doesnt reconcile since the migration is in progress. Only option would be to delete the quayregistry CR and update the config bundle with the certs and recreate quayregistry.




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