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IdentityManagementProducer.createDefaultPartition obscures underlying failure


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      Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not create default partition. If you're using the JPA identity store, check if there is an active transaction.
        at org.picketlink.producer.IdentityManagementProducer.createDefaultPartition(IdentityManagementProducer.java:169) [picketlink-impl-2.7.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:]
        at org.picketlink.producer.IdentityManagementProducer.createEmbeddedPartitionManager(IdentityManagementProducer.java:150) [picketlink-impl-2.7.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:]
        at org.picketlink.producer.IdentityManagementProducer.init(IdentityManagementProducer.java:99) [picketlink-impl-2.7.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:]

      The problem is the runtime exception thrown does not include the cause and thus it's impossible to introspect into the reason for the failure, unless the failing component itself logs its failure with high enough logging priority. If it doesn't, there is no way to determine the cause of failure except through debugger, since it's even unclear which logger has to be configured for higher verbosity.

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