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OptaShift: list of small patternfly issues


      Feel free to split off in separate jira's, so it's clear which one are resolved and which one aren't.

      Some of these might be known / work in progress, feel free to adjust the description here to remove them if there's already a jira. Or cross them out with such text if they are resolved and it's too much work to make a separate jira.

      • Paging: active page number doesn't have correct color. (white on light gray background is unreadable). It needs to follow patternfly conventions.
      • The blue line under the row that is hovered over by the mouse is weird. I suspect this might be work in progress as the entire table might still need to be patternfly'ed.

            cchianel Christopher Chianelli
            gdesmet@redhat.com Geoffrey De Smet (Inactive)
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