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When custom datasource is not found it should not fallback to the default in cluster prometheus


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    • OpenShift 4.16
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    • Before this fix, if a custom datasource defined on a dashboard was not found the data was fetched from the default datasource. After the fix, an error is displayed instead.
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    • Sprint 252, Sprint 253

      when using the monitoring plugin with the console dashboards plugin, if a custom datasource defined in a dashboard is not found, the default in cluster prometheus is used to fetch data. This creates a false assumption to the user that the custom dashboard is working when in reality, it should fail.


      How to reproduce:

      • In OpenShift 4.16
      • Install COO
      • Enable the console dashboards plugin as documented here
      • Create a dashboard that uses custom datasources as documented here. Do not create a datasource so the bug can be reproduced
      • Go to monitoring -> dashboards and select the dashboard created above

      Expected result

      The dashboard should display an error as the custom datasource was not found

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