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[release-5.6] More data available, click to load button is not working fine


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    • Before this update clicking on "more data available" loaded more log entries only the first time was clicked. With this update clicking on the link loads more entries everytime.
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      After configuring the LokiStack, the logs are visible under Aggregated Logs inside Pod details tab.

      If we see the logs, we can do down and click on "More data available, click to load" and the first time is working fine, but if we advance we will see that the button does not appear even if we have more pending logs to see.


      In the customer case, there is an explicative video where we can see this behavior. In addition, I tested and reproduced with the same results.



      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
      LokiStack 5.5.6
      ClusterLogging 5.5.6


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) Deploy LokiStack using

      2) Deploy a few sample applications and then visualize then in Observe > Logs Dashboard

      3) I generated a huge number of logs inside the application pod to see the "Mode data available" tab, for instance

      $ for i in {1..1000}; do sleep 1; echo '{"level":"info","name":"fred","home":"bedrock"}' >> /proc/1/fd/1 ; done

      4) Go to aggregated Logs inside Pod details tab for the application pod.



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