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Show links to SOP/documentation for insights with --details


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      OpenShift Update Concepts proposes a --details option that should supply the insights with SOP/documentation links, but does not give an example of how the output would look like:

      =Update Health= 
      3h		Warning		API Availability	High control plane CPU during upgrade
      Resolved	Info		Update Speed		Pod is slow to terminate
      4h		Info		Update Speed		Pod was slow to terminate
      30m		Info		None			Worker node version skew
      1h		Info		None			Update worker node
      Run with --details for additional description and links to online documentation.

      Justin's design ideas contain a remediation struct for this which I like.

      Definition of Done:

      • With --details, every insight will have two more fields - description and remediation URL (runbook, documentation...). Both mandatory.
      • Output will not be a table, but a oc describe -like tree output
      • For CO insights, we stop putting the (potentially long) CO condition message into insight message, but place it in new description  field instead.
      • We can use the links to generic alert runbooks that someone asks us to do in alerts (OCPBUGS-14246)

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