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Namespace 'akube-a' is in accessible-namespace list but not shown in Kiali UI


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      Upstream issue - https://github.com/kiali/kiali/issues/3478

      By default, Kiali will not show any namespaces that start with "kube" because typically those are internal-use only namespaces that are never part of the mesh.


      Creating a namespace called 'akube-a' and then adding it to the SMMR does not result in the namespace displaying in Kiali UI. Kiali seems to be filterint this namespace, but should not.


       - Create SMCP

       - Create SMMR, and add namespaces:



       - Wait for Kiali to restart, and then validate whether the above namespaces are listed in Kiali UI namespace list


      Kiali version v1.36.7

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