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[RHOCP4.7] [OSSM2.0.6] There is no CPU/Memory limits for istio-proxy of Prometheus


    • Sprint 9, Sprint 10

      Hello Team,

      Customer found a new bug of OSSM2 that there is no way to se CPU/Memory limits for istio-proxy of Prometheus


      Red Hat TAM informed the customer that  currently OSSM team is working on JIRA so we cannot file its bug as Bugzilla.


      Bug Description:

      Prometheus which is installed by OSSM has three containers, prometheus-proxy, prometheus and istio-proxy. We set CPU/Memory limits for prometheus-proxy and prometheus. But there is no way to do that for istio-proxy. Version Info: - OpenShift v4.7.7 - OpenShift Service Mesh 2.0.6-2


      How reproducible: Always


      Steps to Reproduce:

      Just install OSSM2.0 and try to set CPU/Memory limits to prometheus's each containers. For test, we defined the following

      ServiceMeshControlPlane. apiVersion: maistra.io/v2

      kind: ServiceMeshControlPlane


      name: basic

      namespace: istio-system


      version: v2.0

      tracing: type: Jaeger sampling: 10000 addons: jaeger: name: jaeger install: storage: type: Memory kiali: enabled: true name: kiali grafana: enabled: true telemetry: type: Istiod runtime: components: prometheus: #For prometheus container container: resources: requests: cpu: 30m memory: 108Mi limits: cpu: 90m memory: 245Mi defaults: #For grafana-proxy and prometheus-proxy container container: resources: requests: cpu: 101m memory: 256Mi limits: cpu: 201m memory: 512Mi i) Actual results: CPU/Memory limits are set to prometheus-proxy and prometheus. On the otherhand, CPU/Memory limits aren't set to istio-proxy. $ oc describe pods prometheus-565987c54d-5fgmv Name: prometheus-565987c54d-5fgmv Namespace: istio-system Priority: 0 Node: host-172-25-75-10/ Start Time: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 10:34:50 +0000 ..(snip)... Containers: prometheus-proxy: ..(snip)... Limits: cpu: 201m memory: 512Mi Requests: cpu: 101m memory: 256Mi ..(snip)... prometheus: ..(snip)... Limits: cpu: 90m memory: 245Mi Requests: cpu: 30m memory: 108Mi ..(snip)... istio-proxy: ..(snip)...


      Expected results:

      istio-proxy has some CPU/Memory limits, and they can be changed.


      Additional information :


      As far as we checked the following source code, istio-proxy has no parameters to set CPU/Memory Limits while prometheus and prometheus-proxy has. https://github.com/maistra/istio-operator/blob/726941fed97f2f28a5669e73531f87aecc4ff77c/resources/helm/v2.0/istio-telemetry/prometheus/templates/deployment.yaml


      Business impact:

      To set CPU/Memory limits is pivotal to prevent runaway processes like https://access.redhat.com/solutions/5685771. It's impossible for customer to use OSSM for enterprise if there is no way to set set CPU/Memory limits.


      Primary contact at Red Hat, email, phone (chat) mfuruta@redhat.com, kahara@redhat.com and  also imm@redhat.com


      ps : i couldn't find OpenShift Service Mesh 2.0.6-2 in order to choose it affected version so i leave it blank  while creating this issue 

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