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Support validationMessages in SMCP


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    • Sprint 58 - week 2 and 3, Sprint 59

      Customers expect support for option "validationMessages" in SMCP. As we recently fixed issues caused by enabling this option, we could consider supporting this features and figure out scope of support and required test coverage.

      For QE:

      • OSSM operator 2.2.3 installs SMCP v2.2, so that it does not log any error as confirmed here, but SMCP v2.1 still logs errors.
      • SMCP v2.1, v2.2 and v2.3 should not log any error when are installed with the operator built from maistra-2.3 branch.

      Original title:

      validationMessages in smcp

      Original description:

      Using `validationMessages` in smcp dumps a lot of logs and istiod CPU consumption going up and evicting the pods but the customer wants to use this to see the configuration changes.




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