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Istiod sometimes fails to become ready


    *Note: this is a public-facing duplicate of OSSM-2419.

    Sometimes, especially when the mesh contains many member namespaces, the Istiod pod fails to become ready (the container's readiness probe fails with "Connection refused").

    On first glance, the Istiod log seems to indicate that everything is up and running, since it contains lines indicating that xDS pushes are being performed. However, not all components within the server are actually running (we know this because the following line is missing: "All caches have been synced up in 123s, marking server ready").

    You can find more information in the RedHat internal Jira issue OSSM-2419 (which can't be made public because it contains customer data).

          mluksa@redhat.com Marko Luksa
          mluksa@redhat.com Marko Luksa
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